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ACH Processor

For those organizations that take advantage of all that Deltek GCS Premier has to offer, PCI presents the ACH Processor. Utilizing the GCS Premier Data, and Impromptu, we can provide a customized ACH Notification that is available for your organization and with little effort can be emailed to all your employees at the completion of each AP cycle.

With the PCI ACH report for Impromptu you have complete control over the look of your organization’s ACH Report. Each customization is unique and allows for the customizaton of items like company logo, and even the background colors of your report. This customization is fast and you can have your organization’s ACH report within days!

The report to improve your efficiency and reduce your costs.

Email with the ACH Processor: Even if your organization is not big enough to require the ACH Processor, you can still utilize the customized Impromptu ACH report to distribute information to your employees. If you choose to go this route, there are additional customizations PCI can add to the report to improve your efficiency and reduce your costs.

With the help of the custom Impromptu ACH report, it is easy to email all your employees and vendor’s their ACH notifications in a matter of minutes. Using the PCI ACH Processor, your payroll manager can distribute ACH Notifications to any Vendor quickly and easily. The ACH Processor also provides the AP manager the ability to enter an email subject and email text, providing an avenue to transmit important payment-related information to vendors in an email that every vendor is sure to read.

PCI can provide the ACH Processor to your organization to realize an exponential gain in efficiency, and as your organization grows the Return on Investment is exponential. The AC processor takes the same amount of your AP Manager's time no matter how many Vendors your organization works with!

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