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AirPlus Data Feed File Converter

Designed for Deltek Time & Expense

Taking advantage of two best in class solutions to gain operational efficiencies in your back office operations!

Using Deltek Time & Expense makes it easy to ensure 100% of your travel expenses are properly accounted for. By combining the Deltek T&E system with the Airplus data feed, travel expense transactions are automatically routed to employees for expense allocation.

Using the Converter, you can quickly and easly convert your daily Airplus data feed to the American express format. This can easily be uploaded to Deltek Time & Expense, by converting the file and utilizing the Airplus Descriptive billing Fields, described above, mapping charges to employees is already done for you. Simply upload and post the file, charges will immediately appear on the employees desktop login page to be assigned.

The Airplus billing data can also be formatted to work with your Accounts Payable pre-processor, making the reconciliation process a one to one match.

Configuring your Time & Expense to accept this file is easy and fast, once set up, it can be used for every transaction you will have.

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