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Deltek Opportunity Manager & Partner Manager

PCI Implementation Services

PCI offers implementation services in support of Deltek Opportunity Manger & Partner Manger (OM/PM). Successful implementation is the key to user adoption and presenting a professional Contract page to the community. Our teams experience allows us to assist your organization from system design to internal workflow.

Opportunity Manger

Opportunity Manager presents your organization a simple and automated manner in which to monitor, qualify and manage task order level RFP’s as they are released. Real time data feeds provide new RFP opportunities as they are released, which can then be qualified, pushed to your CRM tool or archived for future use.

Partner Manager

Partner Manger allows you to take your task order management to the next level, providing partners or teammate’s access to review, comment and interact as subcontractors on your IDIQ Awards. Information can be shared through automatic notification and provides a central hub for all subcontracts to send and receive task order notification and correspondence.

PCI Consulting Services

In many instances, organizations have previously set up their OM/PM solution but may need modification or additional training. PCI can assist in keeping your system relevant for your current business needs. As the organization changes it is important your outside facing systems are sharing a consistent message. PCI Consultants can support all your OM/PM business requirements.

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