Our Mission

Providing the Small & Midsized business market with an industry leading team to support their Accounting & Operational requirements, system implementations and staff training on Deltek products; from industry experts to prepare organizations for future success.

Our Story

In 2009, PCI was founded out of a desire to meet the increasing need for industry experienced individuals to provide their knowledge and best practices to growing Government Contractors. After experiencing first hand that these businesses would thrive with standardized processes, systems, and automation, PCI’s service offering was designed to assist companies in achieving that goal. Using Deltek products as the backbone for the business infrastructure, we can offer a complete solution from Opportunity Discovery to Contract Close-Out all in a manner that we consider to be best practice. This experience extends from the design of your system to the policies and guides required for employee use and DCAA compliance. By focusing on business process and automation we can move beyond the moniker of “implementer” and be viewed as a complete business solution provider.

Since the design of this solution, PCI has grown to be a top provider and is responsible for a vast majority of Deltek’s customer success, completing over 200 organization processes in the last 3 years. This has also lead us to expand our offerings to include Human Resources, Accounting and Operational support for small businesses. Today, PCI not only provides a solution for organizations with an existing infrastructure but will augment the infrastructure for those who are still building.

The PCI team can offer support in the following areas:

Accounting Solutions
From the design of your chart of accounts to a pool restructuring, PCI can assist in the initial setup or redesign of any aspect of your accounting system. Integrations to third party systems, advanced reporting and business process enhancement can all be achieved.

Backoffice Support
As a group of former CFO’s, Controllers and Contract Managers, PCI assists many organizations with Incurred Cost Submission, Indirect Rate Review, DCAA Audits, monthly bookkeeping services and cost proposal support. For small businesses, this affords the ability to set up the organization infrastructure correctly from the start; avoiding a time and labor-intensive process to change the structure later.

Project Budgeting
As organizations grow the need for budgeting and reporting increases extensively. In conjunction with Deltek’s Budgeting and Resource Planning tools, PCI has a team dedicated to support growth into these areas. These tools can provide the end user with easy access to Provisional Rate Statements; Estimate to Complete on Projects and Organization Budgets and Outlooks. Resource Planning can also provide the ability to schedule both employees and subcontractors on current and future business.

Human Resources
Organizations have expanded their understanding of automation, which extends the convergence of data into a single source for business processes. As a result, the need to incorporate additional data in support of people and the Human Resource business process. Utilizing the Deltek Human Resources functions and Talent Management, PCI can provide you with a Recruiting to Onboarding solution that brings everything from Open Enrollment to Reporting.

No organization is successful without the ability to measure the success of their business development efforts. Integrating and utilizing a CRM tool will provide insight into what opportunities are coming and if they are enough to sustain the organization’s growth plan. The CRM tool easily connects the Business Development efforts with back-office operations setting the company up for future success.

An organization’s mission is not real until the people within the organization believe in it. PCI has carefully selected its team to deliver business experiences and technical knowhow, affording our clients the best solution. The team includes over 25 professionals who work to learn about your business, requirements, goals, and then craft the solution you need, with you.

As the industry and its offerings change, PCI is constantly providing the team with training and knowledge on new modules, products, and compliance requirements to ensure all the tools available to a client are being used in the best possible way. PCI’s support to our customers expands across the country, and into multiple industries, demonstrating our team’s specific talents and experiences that are critical to meeting our customer’s needs.

Martin McGann – PCI Founder, with over 10 years of industry experience as both a Controller and CFO, assisted in the growth of an organization from 70 employees to over 1,200 employees in an 8-year span. This afforded him the ability to master the Deltek product suite and develop best practices that are still being used in small businesses today.

Dan Guessford – PCI’s Lead System Designer, has over 20 years of experience designing Costpoint systems for organizations of all sizes and all industries. He has assisted in the initial design of the Costpoint rapid implementation program still in use at Deltek today.

Art Shearon – Art was the original developer of the Costpoint People module for Deltek. He has a working knowledge of all facets and features of Deltek People, Labor, Human Resources, Timekeeping and Expense Modules. Art has supported clients of all sizes during his tenure as a system expert, and is considered the best in the industry in these modules.

Tomaz Fernandes – As a former Auditor, CFO and CPA, Tomaz brings a complete picture of the Accounting organization, policies, procedures and controls to the process. As a CFO for a division of L3, his experiences range from small to large business support and a full understanding of the reporting requirements needed to be successful.

Gabriel Arce – PCI’s budgeting expert is a military reservist with a deep understating of project deliverable and business requirements. After his tenure with the military, Gabe became a teacher and then a controller for a government contractor. His ability to convey the material required to project managers is critical to the success of this business process.

Tayler Johnson – Tayler is an accomplished CPA with over 10 years in the government contracting industry. PCI routinely comes across organizations that require support as a non-profit. Tayler’s experience as a finance manager for a non-profit organization in Washington, DC coupled with this experience as an Auditor for Government Contracts at a leading audit firm, ideally positions him to use his knowledge base to support various organizations.

Joe Fackenthal – Joe has worked for several large and small government contractors over his 25-year career. As an experience contracts manager, procurement manager and subcontract manager, Joe is positioned to provide a working knowledge of project design and contract review. This is critical in the proper procedures for procurement system setup, CPSR compliance and contract close out.

Courtney Shippee – Prior to joining PCI, Courtney served as a Tax Accountant at Ernst & Young, LLP, where she was responsible for tax assurance and consulting which included federal, state and local, and international reporting. She is currently working as a Finance & Accounting Costpoint consultant and is a Subject Matter Expert in the People and Payroll Modules within Costpoint.

Heather Fulginiti – As a previous Sr. Contracts Compliance Administrator at DynCorp International, LLC and Sr. Consultant at Baker Tilly, Heather offers a plethora of knowledge pertaining to contract management, DCAA requirements, the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) as well as supporting the conversion process from ERP systems to Deltek Costpoint Time & Expense. She has extensive experience in the initial design as well as the day-to-day tasks that our clients face.

John Trela – As a former Time, Expense and Cognos Administrator, John leads our Time & Expense 10 initiatives. His prior experience allows him the ability to translate report requirements into successful Cognos reports including “bursting” reporting and workspace dashboards.