Built on 30+ years of technology advancements, user acceptance, and industry knowledge, PCI’s Costpoint delivers the business agility, transparency and control you need to run your organization. Powered by Amazon Web Services™, Costpoint accelerates your digital transformation and ensures exceptional project delivery. Costpoint easily meets the strict compliance requirements of auditors such as the DCAA, improves your entire project lifecycle, and offers your business a new, more secure tomorrow.

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Built for small business government contractors with 50 employees or less, Deltek Costpoint, through Deltek Now, offers an exclusive program for small & emerging government contractors.  Streamline your projects, people and financial management for greater visibility into project-specific and company performance to make better-informed decisions in real time.

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Using Costpoint, the industry-leading ERP software solution, companies can manage projects, improve efficiency and profits, and meet strict DCAA requirements. Unlike other solutions, Costpoint was designed from the start to address the unique needs of project-based firms. With project accounting as the engine, everything from contracts to people can be managed in a single, integrated digital platform. This comprehensive ERP solution can be deployed in multiple locations—across the globe or in the Deltek Cloud—in a matter of months.

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    Increase profitability and control costs by invoicing automatically, increasing efficiency and reducing delays.

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    Identify problems and budget overruns before they occur and enhance communication across the project team.

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    Easily manage and transition projects to Costpoint through a pre-configured project set up.

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    Improve decision making with our business intelligence solutions.

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    Extend Costpoint to quickly meet your unique needs.

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    Achieve a faster ROI with an ERP solution built for you.

PCI Offerings

Implementation Services

PCI offers implementation services in support of Deltek Costpoint. Software implementations are critical undertakings for the successful future of your organization. Our teams experience allows us to assist your organization through business maturity and provide processes and policy that will allow you to run a compliant organization.

As a full ERP system, Costpoint can extend its platform to departments like Human Resources and Project Management. Through our implementation lifecycle, PCI’s system implementation allows you to naturally expand your footprint within the software platform as your business matures. Our teams understanding of business operations gives you a system that is future ready so as you grow Costpoint is already prepared to grow ahead of you.

Consulting Services

In many instances, organizations have previously set up their Costpoint system but may be ready to add a product, enhance existing operations, or re-design a portion of the system. PCI can assist in any aspect of Deltek Costpoint consulting. From rate restructuring, to custom reporting, our team can provide you with the guidance and support required to make the best decision for your business.

Consulting Services:

Path Historical Data Solutions

If you are coming over from Quickbooks, check out our historical data solution.  PCI has created a data transfer tool to import your Quickbooks data into Costpoint.
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