PCI Managed Services


PCI’s system knowledge and industry expertise allows us to support your finance and accounting requirements. Our team is made up of senior level staff that have worked as CFOs, Controllers, Bookkeepers and internal Auditors. Our industry specific expertise allows us to complete accounting tasks in less time and cost of hiring a full-time employee.


Our managed service practice includes assistance for the following: 

  • Incurred Cost Submission
  • Indirect Rate Review
  • DCAA Audits
  • Monthly Bookkeeping Services
  • Cost Proposal Support

For small businesses, this affords the ability to set up the organization infrastructure correctly from the start; avoiding a time and labor-intensive process to change the structure later.

PCI utilizes our system knowledge to provide our clients with individuals who are well versed in your accounting software as well as government contracting. Support requirements will be completed in far less time and cost than that of a full-time employee.


Interested in Learning More?

All PCI staff members have a working knowledge of FAR, GAAP and DCAA process requirements. Every project has an assigned CPA to perform monthly reviews and interface with outside tax accountants as required.